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Latasha Brown

married on 10/02/22

"First and foremost, let me start off by saying that Cashmeir runs a very professional business. Working with her was easy and she always responded to me and all my questions! When you put that into the foundation of her Glam Squad, they did not come to play. My bridal party was stunning! Different skin tones, shapes, and sizes...As cosmetological entrepreneurs, Cashmeir's team is more than just makeup artists or hairstylist, rather business women who have developed their craft to perfection."


A. Jackson

married on 07/01/22

"My entire experience  working with Cashmeir and her team was outstanding from beginning to end. I hired them for a 3 days celebration and they over delivered! It was easy to communicate with Cashmeir regarding my desired looks and dates. She was also incredibly flexible when I had to change some events around. They were on time, communicated well, and understood my vision of what I wanted. This team is really a well oiled machine. Thank you so much!"


married on 06/04/21

"There are not enough words to express my gratitude or describe the amazing job this team did with my bridal party and I. Communication with Cashmeir was always quick and she was so lovely, warm, and friendly. Her team took all of my suggestions and went home and studied my look and gave me exactly what I was looking for the day of my wedding. It was simple, yet elegant and romantic. I couldn't believe how amazing my makeup was! The house was full of laughter, good conversation, singing and killer harmonies! They took great safety measures and precautions and everyone felt comfortable the entire time. And when I started to get overwhelmed and have my first bridal freak out, they were right there to make me laugh and dry my tears. I couldn't have asked for more.

Martine Randolph

married on 10/30/21

"There are a few vendors who made my wedding day feel like everything was falling into place and Cashmeir and her team were absolutely magical. I reached out Cash because I wanted to find a team that would feel comfortable working with a diverse wedding party for several different events: my wedding, a Punjabi jaggo, a Sikh wedding and a western vow exchange. During our bridal trial, I knew I needed to hire them solely because of their artistry. We tweaked the looks as I figured out what I wanted and the team really listened to what I wanted and helped me solidify a vision based on their expertise. They made me look flawless, but still like myself, which was important to me. I am thankful I got to work with (previously named) 100% Cashmeir, everything they do stems for a passion for what they do best. They love their clients and cultivate relationships, rather than just being in the business of weddings. They went above and beyond at every turn and were so easy to communicate with."

Stephanie Delma

married on 06/10/21

"I have no words other than beyond perfect. From the beginning Cashmeir was excellent at maintaining communication and answering my questions. My bridesmaids had some indecisiveness but she WORKED WITH US!! Her team is just as amazing. They took the time to talk to us and help us figure out the perfect hairstyle. Everyone was flawless. But my favorite part was that they didn't just cover up everyone's face generically, but she accentuated my girls beauty. My mom who always puts everyone first finally got the spotlight she deserved because her makeup was glowing! I had compliments all night. The wedding staff even left their posts to find me because everyone wouldn't stop talking about my beautiful makeup and they wanted to see it. If you had any hesitations about Cashmeir's crew..stop hesitating and book. This was my favorite vendor by far and I will be booking them for any important event in the future. Thank you Cashmeir so so so much." 

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